Friday, February 12, 2010

ABC's of Motocross Racing

A- Arm Pump: The stinging and burning in your forearms after a long day of racing.

B- Bro: They typical supercross fan, decked out in black shoes, black socks, black shorts, and usually sporting some form of Monster or Rockstar hat or shirt. Usually has the all black bike to match, but is rarely ridden.
Barn Burner: An exciting race filled with multiple passes, and/or takeouts.

C- Cheap Seats: Where you send a rider after a vicious block pass.

D- Dancing: What your back end does in a section of rigourous braking bumps.

E- EFI: Acronym for Expensive Freaking Invoice, which is usually used to describe the empty wallets after the purchase of a new 4-stroke.

F- Fun-2-5: A 125cc 2-stroke motorcycle, usually accompanied by a large grin.

G- Gnar: The thing you shred on a good day at the track.

H- Headshake: Term used to describe what happens when your front end loses stability; sometimes careening you and your bike off of the track, and possibly into the stairs of your local track's scoring tower.
Huck: To clear a large jump. Example: "I hucked the big double in the back section."

I- Indoor: where riders, especially from the NW, go to continue their moto shenanigans during the winter months.

J- Jesus: The person you talk to once you realize you're not going to make the gap.

K- Kill switch: Button on opposing riders handlebars that, when pressed, will guarantee you an instant holeshot.

L- Lid: Shiny new helmet.

M- Motor-cross driver: You, or anyone who drives in the sport of motor-cross.

N- Nervous class: Nickname for the "novice" class.

O- Open Class: The 500cc class, which was once upon a time the premier class in motocross racing, where real men went to do battle.

P- Pogo-cross: Used to describe a supercross or arenacross track that is littered with ill-advised jump combos and rarely has any sense of flow.
Panic Rev: An intense twisting of the throttle used in effort bring the front end up, and avoid bone jarring injuries.

Q- Quitet 4-stroke: Oxymoron.

R- Rail: Often used in the verb sense; to rail. The art of speeding thru a corner or rut with little to no stoppage of throttle application.

S- Supercross Only Contract: Viral outbreak plaguing southern California. Easily treated by Midol and/or feminine hygeine products.
Scrub: Jump technique made famous by James Stewart in his 125 days. Now one of the most over-used, and possibly ineffective, techniques in all of motocross.

T- Thumper: Term used to describe the "farting thru a straw" sound that the modern 4-stroke emits.
Tiddler class: Term used to describe the now defunct 125 class, but still applies to the current 250 class.

U- Unobtanium: The trick stuff you see on factory bikes that you know you'll never be good enough to experience.

V- Vet Class: Where old fogies go to re-live their childhood battles, only moderately slower.

W- Whiskey Throttle: No, not liquid courage in the form of Whiskey. An out of control feeling that usually ends with a concrete barrier.
Flying "W": When you have lost all control, but are too stubborn to let go, even though your feet are in the air, almost above your head, resembling the letter "W."
Words to live by: "Jump for show, corner for dough." - A wise man

X- X-Ray: Tool used by doctors to determine the extent of how badly you ate it.

Y- YZinger - Any 2-stroke motorcycle from the Yamaha lineup.
Yardsale: Vicious wreck.

Z- Zook: Short term slang for Suzuki.
Zulu Warrior: Nickname for racer #8 from South Africa

#- 2nd place: First loser