Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twisting throttles

The best time of year is upon us, once again. I'm not talking about Christmas, summer vacation, or Arbor Day. No, this is the transition from indoors to outdoors, here in NW Motocross, and what a time it is. If you weren't already amped about the coming months, hopefully this will get your blood pumping, and your right wrist twitching.

The tracks are going to be at their finest in the coming race days. All the dirt will still be clinging on to every last drop of moisture that fell from November to February, so the gettin's gonna be good. Tacky dirt, with fat ruts and intense braking bumps is what spring is all about my friends. I'm talking about the stuff this good sport is made of. The elements that separates motocross from the likes of field hockey or curling. Ok, maybe that wasn't the best analogy, but you get the picture.

Every day at the track, we can all feel the excitement, as everyone knows there's nothing but fun to be had for the next seven months. No matter where you ride, what bike you're on, how old it is, 2-stroke or thumper, and how old and busted your gear is looking, make sure to have a helluva time, every time. Think back to the cold dark days of winter, inside the arenas, glance around and take in the sights, the smells, and the atmosephere of the great outdoors, buckle your helmet strap, kick her over, and go rail!

Good luck to every rider out their competing: young, old, fast, slow, guys and gals, and everything in between. We'll all be rooting for the riders who will be contesting for spots at Lorretta Lynn's or maybe a few nationals this summer.

The best of times are upon us.