Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughts on MX Vs. ATV Untamed

The other day I had some time on my hands, but nothing to do. I mean nothing. It was late and no one was around, so I decided to dig up my old XBOX and play MX vs. ATV Unleashed. But then I quickly remembered that I’ve played this game at least a million times. So it didn’t cure my boredom for very long. But it did get me thinking about the new MX vs. ATV that’s supposed to be out in December. What is it going to be like? I know what I would want, and from checking out some forums, I want pretty much what every other motohead wants.
Do I think THQ will deliver? Well yes and no. The game sounds fun, and it seems like they are at least trying to improve on last year’s game, rather than just giving it shiny new graphics. The game will include whips, scrubs and powerslides, and differences in bike size and stroke. Not to mention a POV camera angle that sounds pretty fun. I just wonder how well they will execute all these changes. I still hate the amount of air you get on every single little bump or jump. And I still hate taking corners at 50mph. Hopefully they can realize that, most people will enjoy a game that is more realistic, like Forza or Dirt. Those are great games, and I really enjoy playing them, and all I can think about is how good it would be to have a moto game of that caliber. Hopefully I wont be dreaming for too long.
Since MX vs. ATV Untamed isn’t very hyped by the gaming community, THQ hasn’t released much at all, just some screens, which I posted earlier, and a few previews on some sites. I’ll put up any news about the game as soon as it comes out. Leave some feedback about what you would like to see in MX vs. ATV Untamed and don’t hold back!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back To School

I’m sure you’ve all heard all this on every other moto site on the entire web, but I feel the need to sound off on what kick ass summer its been in the world of motocross. I’ll start with Ricky. I have probably used his name at least a thousand times in my short time as a pro blogger, but goddamn the guy is just amazing. So many victories, and just such a class act guy, it wouldn’t be fair to talk about him just about everything I write. This was his retirement summer, in which he raced 6 select rounds. To no surprise, he won all of them, in sometimes dominating, and other times dramatic fashion. Budds Creek ’07 will go down in history, without a doubt. Even though he sat out 3 rounds, he probably has the best shot at winning this championship. We all know with Bubba gone, he’d pretty much be all by himself up front and go 1-1-1-1-1-1. Everyone else would have to be pretty consistent to stop him. But RC is sticking to his guns and calling it quits at 150 even. Farewell Ricky, and thanks for the memories.
So that means there will be a different AMA outdoor champ for the first time in 7 years. The last guy to do it was a South African on a #8 Suzuki, named Greg Albertyn. He was a smooth cat. And luck would have it, one rider who has as good of a shot as any to win this thing, is a South African repping the 8 on his Yamaha. Grant Langston is my pick for this years title winner, as he’s probably riding faster than anyone else competing right now, and he’s just a pimp and the right colored bike. Mark my words come September when GL throws up that #1 plate like a true champ. Its been a hell of a summer and its winding down now. But there are 6 motos in each class left and that’s a lot of racing action and as we’ve seen in the past, anything can happen, especially if you take RC out of the mix.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Think Before You Vote

Right now our poll is up, and it’s all about the AMA and what they should do about the displacement changes that are supposed to happen in 2009. Well before you vote, lets think real hard about this here. For the past 5 or 6 rounds, the fastest riders on the entire track have been Ryan Villopoto and Ben Townley. Both are 250F pilots if you weren’t already aware. This weekend I thought that trend would change, since RC was gonna be there. I mean he is the greatest racer to ever walk the face of the earth. But to my surprise, both RV and Townley ran faster laps than Ricky Carmichael. Holy shit! Think about that for a sec. 2 riders, on smaller, underpowered bikes, were able to run faster laps than the Ricky Carmichael. Now obviously there are a few factors here, like the absence of Bubba Stewart. Ricky was sort of on cruise control, while Villopoto and Townley were in 100% race mode. So do I think that Villopoto and Townley could beat Ricky in a race? No. No I don’t. But it is really amazing that week in and week out those 2 are the fastest riders on the racecourse, riding smaller machines. Just a little food for thought before you vote.

Monday, August 13, 2007

R.I.P. Jay 515

On Wednesday, August 8th 2007, Albany Oregon resident, and local racer Jay Hewett, showed up for Wednesday practice at Albany Motocross Park, just like he had plenty of times before. Sadly, Jay laid his bike down, after a small hill, and a rider on a quad came over the top of that hill and hit Jay. A local firefighter took Jay to the Salem Hospital, where he died early that next morning. Jay will be missed by everyone, and all of our prayers go to his family and friends. Sunday during practice at Albany, there was a memorial lap held for Jay, that I got to take part in. It was a very moving experience for me, and taught me how fast life can be taken away.

Once the lap was over and I rode back to my pickup truck, my emotions started to change. It seems so unfair that Jay had to lose his life, because someone had to take their stupid couch with wheels to a motocross track. Quads just don’t belong there. Period! Why should everyone else on the track be in danger just because you aren’t good enough to ride a dirt bike like the rest of us? If you want to ride a quad, great, just keep it in the sand or on the trails, not on a motocross track.

R.I.P Jay

Saturday, August 11, 2007

James Bubba Stewart Sidelined...... Again

Monster Energy Kawasaki announced today that the heir apparent for the AMA Motocross Championship, James Stewart, will be sitting out the 9th round tomorrow at Millville. This marks the second time this season that Bubba has scored 0 points. Most people think that after tomorrow Tim Ferry will inherit the points lead. He could take his second straight overall, except for one tiny issue: Ricky Carmichael.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Peep The Poll

There is a new poll up that I wanted to bring to everyones attention. Feel free to peep it. You can find it on the lower right.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Seems Like Only Yesterday...

The Polls Are Closed!

We had a poll up for the past few weeks, asking you what kind of riding you do, and although not all of you voted, enough did to realize that pretty much all of our readers are racers. That shouldn't be a big surprise considering this is a motocross racing blog.
Don't worry, that poll was just to get you warmed up. Our next poll will be up friday so if you read this blog, and your not a communist, you should check it out. It will be a little more interesting than the last one, I promise.

Fox Greatest Hits OG 2-Strokes

Monday, August 6, 2007

Upcoming TGO Movie!

The Great Outdoors has got to be the best motocross vid out there, at least it is in my mind, and here's a little preview for what's coming from the guys at TGO this year.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Moto X at X Games

Last night marked the first time ever that Moto X racing was going to be featured in the X-Games. Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Grant Langston and Travis Pastrana were all among a list of riders invited to compete in the inaugural event. The format was going to be a little different than a regular supercross or motocross race. It would consist of more heats, with shorter laps, and less riders. It was supposed to help the racing, but when you invite the #4 of Ricky Carmichael, there’s not much you can do to make the racing closer, except maybe put him on an 85cc or something. But anyway, there were 4 heat races that sent the winners to the main and 2 LCQ’s that sent those winners to the main. K-Dub, Reed, Byrner, and RC all won their heats, and Grant Langston cleaned up in the first LCQ while DV12 pulled out the win ahead of Pastrana in the last LCQ.
When the main started, to no ones surprise, Ricky Carmichael jetted away with the unofficial holeshot, and found himself in the lead in the very first turn. Game over. Sorry guys, but once you let the Greatest Of All Time get out front, you don’t have a shot. They could have just called the race, but there were silver, and bronze medals to give out so I guess they had to finish the race. This is where the only real racing took place. Reed was sitting in second with GL in third and Windham in fourth. That’s kind of how I expected them to finish. But to my surprise Langston caught, passed, and gapped Chad Reed, as if he had been driving race cars in Australia or something… But if my socks hadn’t already been knocked off by the Langston pass, it turns out that even Kevin Windham, who has admitted that he’s on his way out, caught the number deuce deuce Yamaha and went on to get bronze. That was actually some pretty exciting racing. That’s X-Games Moto X in a nutshell, but one thing I wanna talk about is a couple of record holders. While I was watching Moto-X on ESPN, there was a ticker at the bottom that just informed me that Barry Bonds had hit his 755th* career homerun, tying Hank Aaron for most all time HR’s. So I had to channel up real fast, to see history in the making, but what I saw made me realize the true character of a champion athlete. Barry swung his bat, like he had 10 at-bats before, and finally managed to pinch off a homer. He stood there and slowly strutted to first base, staring the ball down like some kind of voodoo master. When the ball finally cleared the stands, he pumped his fist and began to run the bases, pumping his fist, and patting his chest, like the arrogant jerk that he is. He looked around to all his teammates and fans and players from the Padres, with his big man mug on. He was Mr. BigShot again now that he hit another homer. The only thing important to Barry is hitting homeruns, and breaking records. Not winning, or the team, or making his younger players better, no only Barry matters to Barry.
Now think back a month when Ricky Carmichael captured his 100th Motocross victory, becoming the only rider in the magic 100 club and think about the way he acted. He was excited and emotional and he thanked his fans, and his mechanics, and didn’t bask in his own glory, but the glory of the moment. He congratulated James Stewart on a great race, and got to spray the crowd down with his victory champagne for the 100th time. It was a great moment, and he handled it with such class, and dignity, and really expressed the character that a true record holder should in any sport. There are many comparisons to be drawn between Ricky and Barry, and I think both are great athletes (although one had a little help) but I think Ricky Carmichael is the true definition of a record holder, and idol to little kids all over the world. I thought it was great that Ricky was kicking ass at X-Games on ESPN, while Barry Bonds made his mark on the record books on ESPN 2. That’s my 2 cents.