Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughts on MX Vs. ATV Untamed

The other day I had some time on my hands, but nothing to do. I mean nothing. It was late and no one was around, so I decided to dig up my old XBOX and play MX vs. ATV Unleashed. But then I quickly remembered that I’ve played this game at least a million times. So it didn’t cure my boredom for very long. But it did get me thinking about the new MX vs. ATV that’s supposed to be out in December. What is it going to be like? I know what I would want, and from checking out some forums, I want pretty much what every other motohead wants.
Do I think THQ will deliver? Well yes and no. The game sounds fun, and it seems like they are at least trying to improve on last year’s game, rather than just giving it shiny new graphics. The game will include whips, scrubs and powerslides, and differences in bike size and stroke. Not to mention a POV camera angle that sounds pretty fun. I just wonder how well they will execute all these changes. I still hate the amount of air you get on every single little bump or jump. And I still hate taking corners at 50mph. Hopefully they can realize that, most people will enjoy a game that is more realistic, like Forza or Dirt. Those are great games, and I really enjoy playing them, and all I can think about is how good it would be to have a moto game of that caliber. Hopefully I wont be dreaming for too long.
Since MX vs. ATV Untamed isn’t very hyped by the gaming community, THQ hasn’t released much at all, just some screens, which I posted earlier, and a few previews on some sites. I’ll put up any news about the game as soon as it comes out. Leave some feedback about what you would like to see in MX vs. ATV Untamed and don’t hold back!

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