Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Back

Sorry for the long hiatus people. Unlike those jerks at Racer X, I have an actual day job to attend to. As much as I would like to just sit around on a computer all day and write about how sweet motocross is, I cant.
Its been one hell of a summer. Easily one of the best in a long time, if not ever. But all good things must come to an end. Grant Langston wrapped up his first ever championship, ok well he's one just about every 125 title there is to win, but this was his first title in the premier class. Congrats to him, I'll admit, I was rooting for him. He's just a smooth rider, and he's on the right colored bike. That's the first championship for Yamaha in almost a decade. Hopefully Grant's success will cary over to Supercross.
Villopoto also wrapped up his second AMA 125 Title. I can't wait for that little shrimp to take his game to the 450 or 350 or whatever class its going to be next year. I know he's gonna give Bubba a run for his money. Also Townley will be riding the big bikes next summer too, even though he'll be on a Honda, he'll still be fast.
The future of our 2-wheeled sport is pretty bright right now, even though we lost the greatest we will ever have, there is still alot to come. Think of a world where Stewart, Langston, Ferry, Short, Alessi, Villopoto, Townley, Stroupe, Canard, Hill, and Fiolek are all set to do battle. That last one was probably a joke, but you never know, that chick can haul, you may see her racing with the dudes some day. This summer was one to remember, with great racing 12 rounds in a row, the 2007 motocross season was one for the ages. The MXoN is next saturday, then its the off season. Wish me luck on finding shit to write about.

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