Sunday, January 25, 2009

A2 good to be true?

A2 was a great race and Reed rode like the man that he is. I was stoked as hell for him. His ride from that far back, on a track that one lined, was amazing.

Houston was a whole different story. James was the one who looked like he was on his game. I think he finally got that pretty Yamaha figured out. He looked like the Bubba from his championship season. Scrubbin, whippin, roostin, slidin. Just vintage Bubba shit! I was watching him, and he did not look like the same rider that was at Anameim and Phoenix. Not to mention his "James Bon Jovi" entrance was extemely bad-ass.

But seriously, back to James and his blazing race. I was surprised that no one had talked about it as much, but he finally looked confortable on the Yamaha. In the heat when he went through the on-off's to the inside and seat bounced the triple, without ever even letting off, I had to pause and rewind real fast. I had to do the same again when he was doing his little parade lap at the end of the heat, and he proceeded to throw the bike over like I hadn't seen him do since he was on a little 125 2-banger. Then a smooth one handed whip over the finish line to cap it all off. It was honestly the first time this season that I remembered that James is from a far away planet. If he can do that every weekend, then I would advise most of the other guys to start training for outdoors...

The 250 east was exciting too. I had called the winner at about 9am that morning. I knew Pourcel had it in the bag when I read that he held the track record at the Kawi test track, over Villo on a 450. I'm pretty sure Stroupe is gonna wear the crown in the end. Mark my words. As far as the #20 goes... Not lookin to hot. He's not one of my personal favorites, but he sure can ride.

That was a pretty cool weekend of racing, and was probably the most "boring" yet. It's been 4 good rounds so far.

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