Friday, April 24, 2009

Get out and play

It's almost May, and outdoor motocross tracks across the country are opening up again, for all your moto-heads to enjoy. The supercross season is winding down as well, and while it has been one hell of a roller coaster season, the Lucas Oil AMA Nationals will start just 2 weeks after the lights go down in vegas!

Nothing tops true outdoor motocross. Hopefully there will be a few James Stewart and Chad Reed sightings, but I'm pretty sure this seasons championship will be from the rookie classes from a few years back in either Mike Alessi, Ryan Villopoto, or maybe someone like Davi Millsaps. All 3 are rivals dating back to the radical 90's, with cool shades, and all kinds of hues of green and pink.

Speaking of the 90's, check out and view the original Terrafirma videos for free! I can vividly remember being about 7 and 8 years old, and renting all 3 of the original Terrafirma videos from Blockbuster. It's safe to say that those videos got me hooked. How come we can't rent the TGO movies from Blockbuster these days?

If you're too young to remember the Terrafirma vids, or too old for that matter, or you're from another country, or you've lived in a nuclear fallout shelter for the past 2 decades, seeing these old videos is mandatory. Seeing the best of the best like Mcgrath and Lusk and Henry and Reynard just out having a good time, dressing up like Elvis, reminds you of why you got into this crazy sport of broken bones and the consumption of all your paycheck in the first place. For FUN!

Braaap Braaaaap!

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