Thursday, October 22, 2009

Josh Hill to San Manuel

Check it out here

After a rough 2009, Team Yamaha called it quits, and is setting up a lease program, to send out support to L&M, JGR, and Star Yamaha teams, instead of running an official factory effort. But where did that leave J-Hill, after his toughest year as a pro? Luckily he was able to slide into the #2 spot at San Manuel, behind James Stewart, and rumor has it that Larry Brooks (I'll keep my opinions about the man to myself) is trying to sign an aging K-Dub as well. That would be one hell of a blue trio.

I know I'm super pumped to see Josh on the 2010 YZ450 come supercross. Congrats to Josh!

The only thing I am desperately hoping is that Josh is not going SX only so early in his career...

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