Friday, April 23, 2010

Seattle SloppyCross

The only round of AMA Supercross that makes it's way to the Pacific NW is just a day a way. I'm excited to say that I'll be attending, and hopefully the rest of you will be able to squeeze into Qwest Field as well. The weather in Seattle can be less than favorable at times, and only the creator of the universe knows why they chose to put an un-covered stadium in a city that rarely sees the sun. But it has been dry the last two days, and the forecast only calls for a 30% chance of wetness, so it should be a good race.

Chad Reed was supposed to be absent from the Seattle round, as he's any minute away from becoming a dad. But it has just been made news that he's in for tomorrow, but is on call to leave at any moment to go be with his wife, Ellie. It'll be good to see the valiant Aussie mixing things up a bit. Good luck skippy.

Sadly, his Kawi stable-mate is going to be missing from all the remaining Supercross rounds.
Villopoto broke his tib-fib at St. Louis, and may even be missing from the National 'chip this summer. He's pretty banged up, and I know I'm not alone in saying I can't wait until he's back. Rumor has it that the Zulu Warrior, Grant Langston, might possibly pick up the vacant KX-F spot for the outdoors.

Hope everyone has a helluva time at the race, and for those that don't get to go, well that's what TV and DVR is for. Chime in on who you think is gonna take the top steps of the podium come tomorrow night. My money's on Ice Trey Canard and K-Dub for his final win of his career. So if my crystal ball is still working properly, it should be a good night for Geico Powersports Honda.

I'd love to go with the hometown kid of Josh Hill, but he's still battling rib injuries, and just the fact that he's even out there is a testament to what a trooper he really is. From Josh's Twitter: "@JosHill75 I've only got 5 more days to figure out how to not get 13th and pick up 2nd in points, goodnight." Good luck Josh, you know the N-Dub fans will have your back!

See ya'll at the racing course.

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