Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Warsh-ougal motor-cross

2010 Washougal national is just days from dropping the gate on the 8th round of the AMA circuit. It's gonna be a barn burner with tons of good racing, good weather, beer gardens and scantly clad women to try and divert your attention from the racing with their "assets." Be strong, and keep your eyes glued to the track for 30+2, then you'll be free to chase all the tail you want once the checkered flag waves.

The start straight has been re-vamped for 2010, replacing the short funnel that of years passed that left anyone in the back of the pack shit outta luck. It was also the cause of many o' first turn pileups that either ruined a guys day, or made it all the better (RC coming from deep in the pack in 2006).

If I was a betting man, oh wait, I am a betting man, I'd put the money I don't have on Pourcel in the tiddler class. He's been a bit inconsistent this summer, but he's a badass on a dirtbike and if anyone can find traction on the big dirty ice skating rink we call Washougal, it'll be Pourcel.

The 450 class is a toss up. The church boy of Dungey has been dominant since round 2. He looks like a seasoned vet, stomping on a bunch of B riders most days. But the gray haired K-Dub returned last weekend at Millville and got 3rd o/a straight off the couch. He's excited about racing and he's always fast at Washougal. He thwarted Ricky not once, but twice here, making Washougal the worst track in Ricky's illustious career, statistically. I'd say the gold is going to go to one of the two, but don't count out a surprise ride from someone like Josh Grant or Andrew Short, who have both shredded some serious gnar at Washougal in years passed.

Although if Ronnie Mac were there, I'd put all my chips on his redneck ass.

See ya at the races!

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Win said...

Woo-hoo! I'm gonna go up and see this race this weekend!