Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Headin East

The West is done until Seattle starts up 8 weeks from now. Weimer's gotta be kicking himself a little, but he can still win it no doubt. I don't have a clear favorite as I like both Dungey and Jake a lot. But Weimer has come on so strong this winter, I gotta secretly root for him a little. Not that Mitch Payton needs another number 1 plate... Then again neither does Roger DeCoster!

The one East round in Houston was pretty amazing, as Pourcel rode an unbelievable 20 laps, to let everyone in the U.S. know that he is back, and better than ever. But you can bet that Stroupe, Izzi, and maybe even some surprise winners like Matt Lemoine will stand atop that middle step of the podium during the east stretch. No matter what, we're going to have new champs on each coast when the Vegas shootout rolls around.

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