Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Take Action! It's easy!

Filling out these 2 online letters takes 5 minutes at max, if you type with 2 fingers. Anything that is done to help, will help.

Click Here! ARRA-Access

Click Here when your done! Tom Self

We, as the moto-lovers of America who bleed premix (for those of you out there still rocking some braap braaap) and get a little horny at the sight of a freshly tilled motocross track in the early morning sunrise, with just a hint of mist rising off the top, must do everything we can to combat this bullshit. How are we supposed to have future stars of the sport, if kids like Eli Tomac, Adam Cinciarulo, and local boy Austin Black don't have bikes to ride?!

Even if you got redirected here by accident, because you spelled your favorite pr0n site wrong, fill out the 2 letters. If you don't I will personally see to it that you ride a 1997 CR250 for the rest of your life...

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