Monday, May 11, 2009

Cold slap to the face

On Saturday, May 9th, I went up to Mountain View, in Sandy Oregon, to help a friend out, as my bike is still MIA. We went up and had a good time, he rode great, and I even did a practice moto on his 450 (which I hated by the way. 450's are not my gig) but it was still a blast nonetheless.

On our way home, I got a text from my dad saying that he heard from a friend in Albany that someone was being air-lifted off the track. We were passing by the track anyway, but all I saw was one lone ambulance. I texted my good friend who was racing that day, and he said 2 riders collided over a jump, and one of them was in bad shape. The rider on the other end walked away with a broken arm. But Stephen was not doing so well and had to be life-flighted to a hospital ASAP. He is now in a coma. His family and friends are waiting eagerly, hoping his condition will improve. He has been in all of our thoughts and prayers since the incident.

Another rider, by the name of Wes Hare, who runs the website, broke his femur on Saturday also. I'm not sure if it was bad track conditions or what, but Saturday was one of those days that opens your eyes to what a dangerous sport we all participate in, week in and week out. Of course we all accept the risk, as motocross is what we love. But when things like this happen, you realize that life changing injuries can happen to anyone. Neither Stephen or Wes were pro's or up and coming B riders. No disrespect, as I have been on the track with both of them, and both are talented riders. But this just goes to show that you don't have to be a blazing fast A contender to end up in a hospital bed, with a fate undecided.

Albany Motocross lost Jay Hewett back in 2007. I wrote a piece for him after it happened. In 2008, Washougal lost Rocky Genser. From what I have gathered, Stephen should not be an addition to this horrible horrible list. But I have not stopped wishing him well and praying for him since saturday. There is always that chance that things can take a turn for the worst, and that's what this whole long story is about.

Don't take any moment with friends or family for granted. Don't hang your head after a bad moto, even if you finished in dead last for that matter. You got to do what you love, and whether you want to admit or not because you lost, you know you had a good time. Enjoy it all, because things can change in the blink of an eye.

Good luck

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