Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's On!!

Today is May 24, 2009, and it has been 24 hours since the start of the 2009 AMA National Motocross season. I haven't stopped smiling since. Basically, I'm just going to let out all my thoughts on a great day of racing. Try to keep up...

The 450's were great. I wasn't at Glen Helen, but I don't think it's a bad idea to have the 450's first. As a fan of the sport, for as long as I can remember, I am used to it being little, big, little, big. The racing was exciting to say the least. Who'd a thunk that Mike Alessi would score 2 holeshots on the day? Well I did. But I did not expect Mike Brown to be half a lenghth behind him. I actually didn't know Mike Brown would be racing Glen Helen, but it sure was cool as hell to see him out there. He's the old school, badass type of guy this sport loves.

The track was gnarly! Ruts and bumps and huge jumps everywhere. The ruts got so big that they actually swallowed Mike Alessie's RMZ in the first moto, costing him the early lead that he had so rightfully earned. Some riders complained about it a little, but that was more of a layout gripe. Real men love a rough track like that.

How about the combo of Weigandt and Bailey on SPEED? I about jumped out of my computer chair when I read that those two would be doing all the talking this summer. Bailey's insight is second to none, and Weege is just the Shiz. Too bad they can't fit Ping in there somewhere...

My home region of the country (the pacific Northwest) made a good showing on Saturday (that still feels wierd to say). Ryan Villopoto rode like a man possessed, and went 1-1 in his first ever big bike national. I'm telling you, the comparisons between him, and that GOAT guy, keep piling up every race. But unfortunately, Josh Hill did not fair so well. He hasn't done good at GH yet, and it is a long season. But it did bum me out to see him dropping back as the motos went on. Keep it up Josh and good luck.

Ryan Dungey sure did silence his critics, and the Euro boys. At least for now... Like I said before it's a long season. But it was nice to see a Red White and Blue rider top the field in the midst of all the hype of Pourcel, Rattray, Searle, and Antsie.

Chad Reed: Thank you for showing up this summer. Seeing the #22 lined up again felt good. I know he will find the speed as the series moves on. Anyone that thinks that Speedy Reedy isn't going to impact the series, needs to get to the nearest head doctor asap. Yes Chad, it is 1 down 4 up, and the throttle is on the right side. I think he demonstrated that he can handle a dirtbike just as good as the rest of them.

The question I have after round 1 is will he be able to mix it up with Ryan Villopoto and Mike Alessi? I think he can. That was his first outdoor in a long, and he just got done with a heated SX championship fight. Just do not, whatever you do, do not count Skippy out after round 1.

4 motos down, 44 to go!!!

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