Thursday, July 5, 2007

101 vs 101

The Ricky Vs. Everts era is over. Stefan isn’t doing the MXoN in September, and that will be Ricky’s last race. So you’re more likely to see James Stewart retire from motocross and pursue his dream of square dancing, than you are to see Ricky and Stefan race. What does this mean? Well it means a lot of things, but one thing it implies for sure is; the Internet will be going crazy, probably forever. Go to any youtube video, or moto forum and listen to the crazy moto junkie’s debate who’s better. From the sound of it, you would think that this question had never been answered before. But transworldmotocross posted some MXoN pictures from years back, and one photo stood out to me the most.

Ricky has beaten Stefan heads up, a few times in the past. Here in ’03 he did it, and Stefan was present in France in ’05 when Ricky, K-Dub and a young Hot Sauce annihilated the rest of the field. I think there is no Comparison. Ricky Carmichael has won as many outdoor races, in less time, in a much more competitive field. No disrespect at all to Stefan Everts and all the GP riders, but any body with the correct number of chromosomes knows that the US is where it’s at. Countless riders like JMB and Michael Pichon and DV12 have made it their dream to race in the states. Ricky is the G.O.A.T. and I think all the Internet junkies that even question RC will have a nice warm spot in the underworld waiting for them. Ok maybe being damned because of a lack of faith in Ricky is a little harsh. But the evidence is clear. Ricky has never lost to Stefan. The GP superstar has had some short-lived runs at the AMA motocross and supercross series but has never finished ahead of RC. So how can there even by any question as to who the greatest is? Never bet against #4.

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