Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Future

      A new era in Motocross is about to begin. That’s good and that’s bad. Everyone who is a fan of motocross, or even knows what the sport is and who the racers are, will miss Ricky Carmichael. He is the greatest of all time, and it just won’t be the same without him. That’s the bad. The good part is that this opens up the sport for new winners and better racing. Well, at least it should. Bubba is going to be in a league of his own for a few years. That’s a given. But I don’t think he’ll be unopposed for long. Looking into my crystal ball, I see a 5 foot 6 red headed kid running the number 51 on a Kawasaki putting up a fight with JBS. I think that’s where the racing will be in a year or 2.
The future of motocross is really up in the air, with riders switching teams, and racing in other countries. Foreign riders coming to the states to race, and like I stated earlier, kids moving up to the big class and having an impact on the 450 racing. James Bubba Stewart will be very dominant no doubt. But I don’t think we’re ever going to see dominance like we saw from RC. Maybe in Supercross, James might make a run for the kings 72 wins, but I still think that soon Bubba is going to be fighting for his wins.
I’m just trying to speculate on what is going to happen now that the #4 has left us. The very first motocross race I ever watched as a kid was one of Carmichael’s very first victories. To put it simply, I don’t know any better! All my life I have seen nothing but pure, uncensored ass whipping week in and week out all courtesy of The G.O.A.T. But now that he has ridden off into retirement, every fan of the sport, along with myself, will have to get used to seeing someone other than Ricky on the podium talking about how super pumped they are to win a race. It’s nucking futz to think that there might be an actual championship race to contend to now!
Here’s to motocross and it’s future. We know that there will be some great racing soon, and no one can really say who’s going to be the man from here on out. Ok well I actually can say that Bubba is going to have a few free championships in the near future. But beyond that, once Villopoto, Townley and even guys like Dungey step up to the 450 class, things will get very interesting.

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