Monday, July 2, 2007

Observations from Southwick  

I don’t think a full on review of Soutwick is necessary. But there were a few things that I noticed over the weekend, as the boys of the AMA Motocross Nationals presented by FMF had their fun in the infamous sand of Southwick. First of all, RC had a tough weekend. With some over heating problems and a few stomach issues with his IBS. But he did put in some great rides and seal up the seemingly easy 1-1 victory. No surprise there. But I’m starting to think that Ricky may have bitten off more than he can chew. To be competitive at that level, you need to train, HARD. And Ricky is one of the hardest workingmen in all of sports, weather it be on a football field, a baseball diamond, a cross-country cycle, or a beautiful RMZ-450. The dude works. I think after 10 seasons, the rigorous schedule is starting to take its toll on the angry little elf. He can’t take it easy and lose, that’s just not an option for Ricky. If he is going to do the first 5 rounds like he said he was, he is going to win them. But with 2 new additions to the family, and the fact that he is just getting older, it seems to me that Ricky is a little in over his head.
The only other thing that really stood out to me in the sandy paradise called MX 338 was Grant Langston. What a ride the South African stud, as I like to all him, put in aboard his factory Yamaha. He eventually passed a fading James Stewart at the end of moto 2. I hope for more rides like this from Grant before the season ends. As long as he stays healthy, I think he could defiantly make a dent. Good luck Grant.
That’ all from Southwick. Congrats to RC for picking up the last double digit win of his career. The next number in line is 100…. See ya next week!

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Eric said...

I was so glad to see Grant Langston stuff James Stewart at full race speed.