Thursday, July 19, 2007

International Moto?

Ben Townley is currently tied for the lead in the AMA 250F points chase, with Washington native Ryan Villopoto. As all of you should know, Ben Townley was born and raised in New Zealand. The New Zealand Motocross of Nations team will be pretty damn good with Townley, and current MX1 point’s leader Josh Coppins. The killer kiwis. One rumor was flying around that Roger DeCoster was trying to get Josh to come over and ride outdoors next year in 2008 with Makita Suzuki. Not to mention Dan Reardon coming from Australia to ride for Sobe/Samsung Honda. What I’m trying to get at is; look at the riders from all over the world, coming to race in America. AMA nationals are starting to look like FIM GPs with all the different riders from all over the globe. Look at the variety we have now. David Vuillemin from France and Grant Langston from South Africa. Chad Reed from Australia. Townely from New Zealand. Christophe Pourcel from France who won a Supercross in the 2007 season before getting injured and having to return home. Josh Coppins might make an appearance, and Dan Reardon will be coming. He’s signed, sealed and delivered. Even Akira Narita from the “land of the rising sun” has put in a few impressive rides in the U.S. of A. I think it’s only right that the best in the world come to race the AMA nationals. I mean, that’s where the best come to compete. Stefan Everts came to America on many occasions. There have been many foreign riders coming to America in the past like Jean Michele Bayle, and Mickael Picon. Sebastian Tortelli was very competitive in his days. And I still vividly remember the Vegas Supercross when Stephane Roncada put up a fight with a young James Stewart. I don’t think it’s that hard to believe that the AMA nationals will soon be filled with riders from all corners of the globe. I think the only part I’m not looking forward to is hearing the riders try to piece together broken sentences in what is considered “English” and repeat about a thousand “umms.” No offense to all you over seas readers out there. I just think the podium would be a lot better with a bi-lingual translator, so I could actually understand what the hell David Vuillimen is talking about after a race. Viva La Motocross!

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