Friday, July 6, 2007

Lites isn't spelled right anyway

The Lites class…. Ok before I even start, I hate that title. I think everybody in the biz hates it, except for maybe the guy who came up with it. So from now on I think I’ll refer to it as what it is, the 250 class. So the 250 class hasn’t been exactly what I had pictured before the season started. I think most people can agree with me there. I would have to say BT101 has been the biggest surprise thus far. For a kiwi, that guy hauls ass. Not to mention J-Law and RV. I would have expected way more battles between those 2. Not just because I like both riders, but because they were pretty evenly matched in Supercross, and Lawrence says he likes outdoors more, so I thought those 2 would scrape some plastic (well I guess they did, just not in the way I had imagined)

Ryan Dungey definaintly deserves some kudos for the rides he’s been putting in this summer. I don’t know why I didn’t expect Ryan to do as good as he’s doing, considering he’s under the Suzuki tent with Roger DeCoster and the G.O.A.T. Himself. Although he had a pretty violent spill last weekend that looked like it hurt pretty effing bad, I think he’ll return strong. Speaking of returning, I can’t wait to see how Broc Hepler does when he gets back into the action. Rumor has it that he’ll be back at ‘Dilla 2 weeks from now, so lets all hope to see the new blue 60 flyin out of that gravity cavity come next Sunday. He had some great rides last summer, at least in the races he raced at. B-Hep hasn’t really had a good full healthy season yet. He seemed optimistic about it all though, saying that he’s happy with another year in the Li… 250 class. That’s a good attitude to have about it. A lot of riders, including Ricky, later regret leaving the small bore class to early. It’s not that the 250F class has been lackluster, because there has been some great racing, it’s just not quite what I expected. The good thing is, the racing will only get better with guys like Hepler coming back and Townley searching for that extra speed. With Ricky leaving, I think a lot of fans will find themselves cheering the loudest when the 250 boys come around, as Bubba will most likely be on a completely different planet than the rest of the 450 field.

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