Monday, July 16, 2007

Wieghts or Cycles?

Let’s take the road less traveled here and talk about some of the other aspects of motocross, like physical fitness. Everyone in the industry knows how physically demanding our sport is. But if you don’t know that much about motocross, and your not even sure why you found yourself on this little spot on the internet, let me tell you this, motocross is tough! At one time it was ranked as the second most physically demanding sport in the world.
Recently Racer X had an old interview up with Jeff Ward about Ricky Carmichael’s fitness. He was saying that the only reason Ricky was getting thrown around on his new 250, like it was a wild bull named “bone crusher” was because he didn’t have enough upper body strength. He suggested that Ricky do like Wardy did some 80 (ok more like 10) years back, and do free weights. Specifically jerks and high weight, small rep type programs. He didn’t think that the running and cycling routines really prepared a motocrossers body to deal with all the bumps and jumps of an MX race. Now maybe at the time Ricky really didn’t have enough upper body strength to handle his old 250 smoker, but RC didn’t take Wardy’s advice. He chose to go with the endurance training. Him and his trainer, Aldon Baker, go through a brutal routine, ever week that not many people could handle. Only a thoroughbred badass like RC could take so much abuse. The reason why: he just wants to win! Everybody knows that though.
So fast forward 10 years, 150 wins, and 10 championships to the present, and tell me how you think Ricky’s program worked out. So now I’m asking you, what training routine do you think is most effective for a motocross racer. The weights and muscle building like Jeff Ward, or the Cycling and endurance training that RC goes through. There’s no real right answer because Jeff Ward was VERY fit and he did just fine in his racing days, and to say that Ricky is the tell all sign that endurance training works the best, isn’t fair because Ricky is obviously from another planet. He could do Tae-Bo and still kick ass. So please, leave your feedback, tell me what programs you do, or just what you think is most logical for an MXer.

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