Wednesday, July 18, 2007

381 is back!

April 20th 2007, I went through shoulder repair surgery, to fix all the ligaments I have torn up due to racing. Well let me tell you this, getting surgery, SUCKS! I couldnt move my left arm for a month, and my six pack abs turned to flubber. I sunk into deep deep depression, and for 3 months I had to listen to doctors tell me not to get on a bike, and going against what I wanted to do, I listend. But monday, that all changed. I woke up around 7:30, after getting no sleep and loaded up me and my dad's Yamaha race machines. We weren't exactly going racing, but rather a trip to Winchester Bay Oregon to tear up the miles and miles of sand dunes. That's where I started riding anyway so I felt right at home When the time came, I put on my pants, and jersey. Then helmet, then gloves and topped it all off with my Dragon's. The gas was on, and I was ready to go. After a few swift kicks, the bike jumped to life, and so did I. I could feel it running strong, practically begging me to ride it, as if my bike had missed me or something. I was so excited to finally rip around on a motorcycle again, that I forgot to let some air out of the tires (that's a rule in sand riding) So i rode back to the parking lot, let the air out, and was back on my way.

It was like I had never got hurt. Just like riding a bike.... ok so I was riding a bike, but the point remains, it all comes back to you. I felt great, for about 5 minutes. Then it felt like someone was taking a rubber mallet to my right arm. I guess 3 months of not riding really does stuff to your riding fitness. After only 5 minutes I had to go back and rest my arms, get some water, and try to get the goofy grin off my face. Luckly I did catch my second wind, and my whole day was filled with nothing but hauling ass. It was like being born again. Just me and my dad, racing around like nothing had ever happened. What more could I ask for. So I'm not exactly back to normal. I get tired just riding out of the parking lot, and my confidence is about as low as it could get. But that will all come back! My fintess will come and my speed will come. It can only get better from here. Watch out for the number 381 Yamaha tearing up a motocross track near you.

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