Friday, July 13, 2007

David Vuillemin Signs With Makita Suzuki. RC to Race Bercy

Makita Suzuki announced yesterday that David Vuillemin will be riding their new EFI 450 for the 2008 and 2009 seasons. This will mark DV12's first factory ride since Yamaha back in 04. Ivan Tedesco, their current 450 Pilot has signed a factory deal with another team, that he has left nameless. But mostly everyone knows by know that Hot Sauce will be riding red by next supercross season. Suzuki has co-operated very will with Tedesco and agreed to let him off one month early so he could race the U.S. Open and begin testing. It will be good to see how the riders do on their new rides come supercross time. Hopefully David will start to do some training that doesn't involve eating cookies. I think with Roger DeCoster as his team manager, he will get back to his old self.

More news from the folks at Suzuki, Ricky Carmichael has commited to racing the Bercy Supercross in November. RC raced the Bercy SX back in 1999 and a bike malfunction left him with a broken collarbone. Since then, The G.O.A.T. hasn't raced the over seas event, but without the pressure of contending for a supercross title in '08, Ricky is free to do as he pleases. The MXoN in Budds Creek were supposed to be his last race until this news came up. Personally, I dont think Ricky will race his last race in France. Ricky has stuck to his guns pretty well so far, but something tells me we'll get to see The G.O.A.T. race a few more times.

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